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How To Apply

There are 5 Steps to apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grant. This step by step guide will walk you through the process.  Should you need assistance at any point, Contact us and an Energuy Representative will provide assistance. 

Step 1

Gather Everything You Need to Apply. 

In Order to Apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grant, you will need to provide the following: 

  • Property Tax Roll #

  • Proof of Residence (A driver's license or government issued ID with address). 

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Step 2

Read the Terms and Conditions.

You can access the terms and conditions of the rebate here.

Step 3

Sign in.

The Login is similar to your CRA account. Please sign in here


There are two ways to register: 

Option 1: Sign-In Partner

Option 2: GCKey

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Step 4

Choose "Energuy" as your Energy Assessment Provider. 

From there, registration is very user friendly, Simply follow the prompts through the application process, and choose "Energuy" as your energy assessment provider. 

Step 5

Send Us Your Registration Number.

Once you receive your registration number, please email or text to 888-442-9577 so we  can add it to your file.

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"I'm registered...

Now what?"

You've successfully registered for the Greener Homes rebate and sent the registration number to Energuy.  Congrats! You're almost there. 

Click the arrow to the right to learn what to do next. 

Making the greener choice has never been easier.

Contact us and you will be contacted by a service organization in your area. 

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